Mass Communication and Journalism Education in Dadra & Nagar Haveli

A degree in mass communications is the license to enter the gateway of mainstream media. It is self-evident that a career in media brings job satisfaction, fame, recognition and money. Mass Communication mainly  consists of the following fields:

Print Media: For newspapers it is mainly to do with news compilation, editing, proof reading and analysis. For magazines and periodicals, we learn feature writing, editorials and blogging. Talented people are in great demand in this field and they are paid according to their abilities. 

Electronic Media: There are very few homes left where there is no TV or radio. Satellite TV has reached almost everywhere and that is the reason that new channels are coming up very fast. With a rapid growth in this field, almost every channel is looking for professionals who can handle the diverse requirements.

Advertising: A course in mass communication arms you with the skills necessary to enter the world of film production and advertising. 

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